What is The Aluminum composite Cladding Panels

It consists of two layers of aluminum of thickness coated in different colors with a filling of fire-resistant and non-fireproof plastic material and a transparent adhesive film that helps the two layers of aluminum to adhere to the plastic material

20 Year Guarantee

Cladding Layers

How is the aluminum alloy chosen

Aluminum alloy (3003 or 3105 ALLOY) is chosen.
This is because they contain iron, manganese and magnesium materials to add hardness to them, with different thicknesses starting from (0.30 mm to 0.50 mm) and with two widths (1250 mm and 1500 mm).

Types of Paint

PVDF polyvinyl dene fluoride
SMP Modified Silicon Polyester
Each of the two types has the same high quality, as the two items have a warranty period of 20 years, as they are painted on the aluminum layer after the primer layer with a thickness of 18-20 microns, as the total thickness of the paint layer reaches between 23-27 microns.

Transparent Layer

Where it is added to the color layer by 5 microns, according to the customer's request and the site and its encounters with winds and high humidity, where the guarantee percentage increases to 5 years, so that the total warranty period is 25 years as it prevents the salinity of moisture from eroding the color or pitting, as it gives ease of cleaning the panels


Back Coat

It is an epoxy layer for the back of the board to prevent it from corrosion and is added with a thickness of 1-3 microns.

Adhesive Film

The adhesive film is chosen very carefully from an international company, Depond, which helps the aluminum layers to stick to the plastic layers, and the thickness of 80 microns is chosen to add the adhesion strength

Protection Film

It is a film attached to the panels to protect it from scratches and dust, as it is chosen with a type of RUBBER BASE
Thickness of 80 microns and it is of high quality, as it has full adhesion to the panels and easy to remove after installation, as it has strong resistance to weather factors such as cold, heat, moisture and sandstorms

Plastic Filler

Masa Arabia Factory is distinguished by the manufacture of aluminum sheets with fire-resistant padding (FR-B1)
As the fire-retardant materials are chosen very carefully to match the certificate granted to us for fire resistance (FR70% - PE30%) (FR-B1) for one hour.

Panel Thicknesses


4mm (It is the most commonly used type)



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