Learn about the uses of cladding in less than 10 minutes

Learn about the uses of cladding in less than 10 minutes

Upon reaching the final frills of your facility or your new building, each of us wishes that it appears in its best form, that it becomes as real and beautiful on the ground as it was in the initial conception, that it differs from all the buildings surrounding it and bears a character of your own, with the best materials and the best price. and best quality.


Welcome to Technobond, the leading company in the cladding industry. First of all, do you know what is the boom that changed the balance of the world of decoration called cladding! Let me explain to you details about what is cladding? What are the components of the cladding? What are the advantages of using cladding?


What is cladding?

Cladding is aluminum panels that can be coated with polyvinyl fluoride (PVDF) or polyester. It can also be painted in any color, and the filling is often low-density polyethylene or a mixture of it with other chemicals to give the board a fire-resistant feature.


Cladding ingredients?

The outer layer is aluminum with a thickness of 0.04 mm, with a p v d f texture. The middle layer is a thermal insulator of (b v c). The back layer of the cladding is made of aluminum and the thickness of the aluminum is 0.04.


Advantages of using cladding

One of the most important advantages of cladding is that it gives an attractive shape to the eye, and it varies in thickness, types and colors, so it varies in price. It is also characterized by:


Fire resistance.

The possibility of isolating the outside heat automatically.

Resist different weather factors.

Not peeling it off.

Salt resistant.

Moisture resistant.

UV resistant.

Easy to clean and maintain.

Its multiple colors.

Easy to install and remove.

Its uses are diverse.

Its prices are not high.


It is involved in the manufacture of kitchens.

It does not represent a heavy weight or burden on the building.

It is not affected by external factors.

Also, cladding is distinguished because it has many uses, as it is suitable for all types of buildings and facilities of all kinds, such as:


Brick structures.

Frame structures.

metal structures.

prefabricated homes

Hospital facades.

Hotel facades.

School facades.

Facades of residential and administrative buildings and towers.

Mall facades.

gas stations.


Exhibition facades.

Facades of beauty centers.

commas and cutouts.


External decorations and other facades.

Because it contains ancient and creative designs and can be formed to make the most beautiful facades that are in line with all tastes without the slightest problem.



To ensure the best quality and the best price, Technobond is the largest factory for the production of cladding panels and the most widespread in the Arab and African countries. It is a destination for those with good taste who are looking for excellence. For more inquiries, we are pleased to contact you as we provide customer service at the highest level of efficiency and experience.