The "Arabia Masa" factory was established in 2012 to produce special composite panels for building cladding. It is one of the largest factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, managed by a team of qualified engineers, using the latest industrial technologies.

Arab Massa Factory seeks to have agents in the regions of the Middle East in the context of developing and facilitating the service of our customers around the world

Our Goals

One of the goals of Masa Arabia is to create value and add it to our products with our specialized team through global marketing services and from our center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, the company works successfully through the cell and marketing globally

One of the goals of Masa Arabia is to serve its customers around the world, and these colors of the spectrum will radiate to all our customers to add value to our buildings and enrich the lives of everyone. We have devoted all our efforts to developing our new products.

Our Mission

Massa Arabia is proud to be one of the leading factories in this industrial field in metal processing through the used technology and the strict control system

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Arabia Massa requires the latest international laws, models and standards such as the European Society for Packaging Rolls (EN, DIN, ASTM)
In addition to the best sources of raw materials that can be used, Masa Arabia will provide colors of the spectrum for everyone's life through packaging

Arabia Masa intends to be one of the producers of aluminum wrapping and installation rolls in the region through its factory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah

Arabia Masa factories have a presence with the help of locally experienced engineers and marketing their product during its presence by manufacturing the latest lines in the field of wrapping coils and the latest patterns in aluminum panels and using the best raw materials that are subject to the best conditions and rules globally in order to be distinguished in adding value and safety according to the requirements of our customers, which made Masa Al-Arabi is the leader in this industrial field.

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